Gardenia Florida 14cm


Gardenia Florida is a heavily perfumed perennial evergreen shrub with glossy dark  green foliage that produces large Milky white  white flowers from late Spring, through to the mid Autumn months.

Florida is the most popular of all Gardenias we have ever sold over our 27 year history and  will grow up to 1 metre tall by 1 metre wide in full sun to partial shade in moist to well drained soils. Gardenias grow best in a protected warm position, protected from frosts.

Gardenias are an ideal plant for not only gardens, but also for pots and containers as well.  Nothing beats the beautiful perfume of Gardenias in flower, so think about planting them near entertaining areas, patios, windows, doorways, entries, or anywhere their exquisite perfume can be enjoyed.

At Paddys Plants we try to have stock of gardenias available all year round, so if we are ever out of stock, it wont be long until another batch is ready.


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