Mint Herb 80mm eco friendly pot


Common Mint is a perennial plant with bright green aromatic leaves with a strong minty flavour…… just in case you were wondering !!

Mint prefers a semi shaded position in the garden in well drained soils ( not damp soils) and protection from frost and winds. Tip prune mint regularly to encourage soft new growth and to keep shrub compact. Mint is best grown in containers, to avoid it being invasive, unless you are like me and love Mint and dont mind it spreading around the garden.

Mint will grow up to 45cms tall and 45cms wide, if contained and pruned regularly, if you plant it and forget about it, then it can grow up to 3 post codes away and you probably have good reason to break the stage 4 lockdown restrictions, as you were only picking the mint from your garden !!

Ok for those of you new to gardening, cooking etc, or have had no interaction with the rest of us on the planet for your life, Mint can be used for salads, fruit drinks, desserts and the leaves are also used to make mint sauce ( better than the stuff you buy in a bottle… who would have thought !!) and mostly for lamb dishes.

Mint is a fresh, sweet,  tasty herb that is a must have in any herb garden or kitchen.

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