Sage Herb 12cm SOLD OUT for 2020


Sage is a small evergreen woody shrub with grey green aromatic foliage used for culinary purposes.

being a member of the Salvia family, Sage thrives in an open full sun position, in moist well drained soils and is tolerant of dry conditions, responds well to regular pruning, to encourage a compact habit and fresh bushy new growth.

Sage can grow up to 80cms tall by 45cms wide in the garden and grows equally as well in pots and containers, or mixed herb planters.

Sage polarises people, some people love the flavour, some people hate the flavour, personally i love it and it depends on what dishes you use it on… the most common and simple is the make a sage & butter sauce for pastas or steaks… it is easy and a quick flavouring. Other options for using Sage is in Pork, Veal & Poultry dishes, or in stuffings, cheese and egg dishes…. whatever floats your boat, Sage is a useful herb to have in the garden & kitchen.

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