Hosta Twilight 12cm…SOLD OUT for 2020


Hosta Twilight or plantain Lily is a clump forming perennial plant that has an attractive, dense mound of   dark green leaves edged with a very wide yellow margin, from October until  the late summer, then they are dormant over the winter months.

Hosta Twilight develops… lavender to soft lilac  coloured funnel shaped blooms appear above the foliage on stems, during the summer months.

Hostas will go dormant at the end of April – May, meaning they loose all of their foliage and there is no sign of them above ground level during the Winter months, then in the Spring months of September, they will re-appear with all their vibrant glory.

Hosta Twilight will grow 50cms tall by up to 60cms+ wide  over time in a part shade to full shade position and is best grown in rich, moist, well drained soils.

Hostas are perfect for brightening up dull spots around the garden and mixes well with other perennials and shade lovers… personally i love hostas and look forward to then coming up during the spring and putting on their show in the shady areas of my garden all summer long……. except for…..  bloody snails & slugs…. they absolutely love Hostas as much as me and sadly they will munch them to nothing overnight…. you can either lay out snail bait to kill the slugs and snails, you can break up egg shells around the hostas , as they generally dont like sliding over that, or  you could put out saucers of full strength beer ….. dont be a tight-arse and buy light beer, because it is 50 cents cheaper, it wont work, you need the 4.2% alcohol to kill the snails,  the idea is that because  they dont have livers, they cant process the alcohol, if you give them light beer, to save yourself 50 cents, you will probably have more snails / slugs turn up and they will bring their girlfriends, dj mates,  bikers mates ….( you get the picture)…. for the party at your place, where by the morning, you will not only have no hostas left, but heaps of hungover snails and slugs the size of jabba the hut, that you failed to kill for the extra 50cents… tight-arse !!

Hostas make a great addition to any shady garden by providing vibrant foliage and flower  colour all spring and summer long… just protect them from slugs and snails

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