Hydrangea Macrophylla Nigra 13cm SOLD OUT FOR 2020

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Hydrangea Macrophylla Nigra or the black stem Hydrangea, is a beautiful Shrub with pastel blooms of pink or blue, depending on the Ph of your soil…  if your soil is alkaline, it will produce pink pom pom like, flower heads and if your soil is acidic, it will produce blue flower heads.

The flowers on Nigra alone are beautiful enough to tempt you to put it in your garden, but what makes Nigra more interesting for me, are the bold black stems, that hold the flowers aloft, surrounded by the lush green foliage, makes for a colourful contrast.

even more appealing are when the leaves turn yellow in the autumn months, really highlighting those black stems.

Nigra will grow approximatelty 1 metre tall by 1 metre wide in semi shaded gardens and prefers shade / protection from the hot afternoon sun.

Nigra is frost  tolerant, drought hardy, and enjoys rich soils, that are moist to well drained. Hydrangeas in general, can handle wet soils, but you dont want them in a bog.

Our Nigra are in 13cm ( 130mm) pots for $8.99 each…..  which is cheap !!!…. we have seen these online for $20+ each in a 75mm pot…. half the size of ours… thats insane !!!

now…..  if you are a bit of a “Terry the tight arse” and still not convinced you want to part with $8.99 for a gorgeous plant that will give you plenty of visual joy in your garden throughout the seasons for decades to come, …….  ponder this… a  decaffeinated almond milk latte is about $6 ( apparently more popular than you think !!…. yuk),    a dart ( ciggie) is about $2 each,  and 6 dimmies from the greasos  these days is about $6.50    and so on, but none of them will give you joy to look at for the whole year  and for decades to come….    i just like to add a little perspective…

Get yourself some Nigra Hydrangeas today, you will love them.

Happy Gardening


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