Hypoestes PINK Freckle Face or Polka Dot Plant 10cm


Hypoestes, Freckle Face or Polka Dot plant are an easy to grow, vibrant little plant with eye catching, brightly spotted leaves with a  range of pink, white and red coloured contrasting foliage.

Originating from Madagascar, Hypoestes are a herbaceous perennial and   grow well in warmer climates outside all year round, but here in Victoria, we tend to treat them like an annual plant and have them either indoors or as a patio plant, where we shelter them from cold air, breezes and direct sunlight. I have mine potted in pots on my decking under cover and with regular pruning and feeding,  they have continued to look great for a couple of years now. Hypoestes respond well to regular feeding, once per month with a good quality liquid feed will give you the best results.

Hypoestes  can grow up to 40cms tall by 40cms wide depending on whether they are planted in the garden or in pots / containers….. in pots and containers, their growth may be smaller due to size of the pot / container that they are in, hypoestes prefer good potting mix, that if free draining and a moderate amount of watering, so dont let the soil dry out or your plants will wilt and discolour and dont have them too wet or they will rot…. dip your finger into the pot… if the top inch is dry, then they may need a drink… reduce the amount of water you give them during the cooler months.

Hypoestes like a semi shaded to shade position out doors and filtered indirect light indoors… too much direct light can cause the foliage colours to fade. To promote a bushier, more vibrant growth habit, regularly prune your hypoestes once every month or so.

like most plants, known pests for hypoestes are whiteflies, scale, aphids and mealy bugs, which are all easily treated using a white oil, whether it is bought mixed, or you have a safer homemade remedy, like we do, both will rectify that issue.

Hypoestes are great for adding vibrant colour to your pots inside your home and around your entertaining areas outdoors.

At Paddys Plants, we have stock of hypoestes most of the year, it is one of our favourite, easy to grow, year round colourful plants around our home

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