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Arbutus Unedo, or better known as the Irish Strawberry tree, is actually not related to commonly known Strawberries and it is native to the Mediterranean areas, western Europe, France and Ireland… due to a high presence of them in Ireland, they were given the name Irish Strawberry tree.

The Irish Strawberry tree is a medium sized evergreen tree with glossy foliage and a neat rounded habit. Clusters of white flowers appear in the autumn months, which are then pollinated by bees, and have a mild sweet scent, followed by by orange – red rough surfaced  strawberry looking fruits.  It is edible; the fruit is sweet when reddish, but can disappoint those hoping that it tastes like a regular strawberry, which sadly it doesn’t. 

The Irish Strawberry tree can grow up to 6metres if not clipped or pruned, by up to 4 metres wide, in full sun to partial shade, in well drained, fertile soils.

The Irish Strawberry tree will tolerate frosts and  dry conditions once established and makes an excellent screening hedge, especially for the backdrop to shrubberies or cold exposed, windy  sites.


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