Lavender Hidcote 12cm


A variety of the  popular English Lavender with aromatic  foliage and  perfumed  dark Violet flowers during the Spring and Summer Months.   Used not only as a garden specimen, but also perfect for Pots & Containers and for use as  aromatic oils, pot pourri and cut flowers.

Hidcote  Lavender grows 45cms tall by 40cms wide in a sunny open position, in well drained soil, Hidcote  lavender can tolerate dry conditions, but doesn’t like wet feet.

Lavender are  ideal for cottage gardens ( first choice plant), can be used for hedging and borders, cut flowers, , pots and containers and the flowers can be dries and used in pot pourri sachets.

Prune after flowering to encourage and promote strong, compact bushy growth and even though they dont need it often, fertilise once per year with a good quality slow release fertiliser

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