Lebanese Cucumbers. NOT AVAILABLE UNTIL SPRING 2021

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Those of you who know me well and have been buying plants off me for the last 26 years, know im amused by childish things, refuse to grow up, be mature and cant help myself, so here it goes… story time again !!!……

Lebanese Cucumbers, are and have always been, a favourite of mine in our vegie garden every summer for many years, but i can no longer look at them anymore, without being reminded of my 8 year old son Harrison ( now almost 12 years old… 2020).  Back in 2016, Harry helped me plant out a lot of vegies and herbs in our garden below the nursery and we ended up with more than we could ever eat ourselves, so he decided to earn a little pocket money for himself by selling  the vegies to my customers and some of the local cafes and restaurants near by.

One day in the shop, we had a couple of ladies, impressed with Harrys ingenuity, they wanted to know more about his vegies and what other varieties he may have available soon…. being my son, and one not to miss an opportunity to put some shine on for the ladies…. he decided to let rip with his list of upcoming stock….   more Beetroot, more pumpkins, some corn, zuckinnis ( not zucchini)….   oh and Lesbian Cucumbers   !!!   …..

Yep !!!… why should the Lebanese have all the fun and get naming glory

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