Magnolia Little Gem 18cm special price


Magnolia Grandiflora Little gem is a compact upright evergreen tree with glossy dark green leaves with an attractive underside of soft velvety brown,  producing beautiful large  creamy, fragrant, tea cup shaped flowers in the spring & summer months.

Magnolia Little Gem will grow up to 4 metres tall and 2 metres wide in full sun to part shade gardens and prefers rich, moist, free draining soil.

Little Gem is heat, cold and frost tolerant, looks great as a hedge, specimen tree, or in tubs / containers.

Remone any leaves or branches that appear at the base of the trunk or on the lower 20cm of the trunk, to allow air flow around base of tree and to assist with fertilising, watering and  better shaping of the tree.

Magnolias respond really well to regular pruning after flowering to encourage newer, thicker growth, remove any spent or damaged flower buds.

Fertilise Magnolias 3 times a year with a good quality manure to get best, thicker growth and more flowers.

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