Marigold Inca Gold & Inca Orange 90mm ONLY AVAILABLE SPRING & SUMMER


Marigolds are an free flowering ANNUAL POTTED COLOUR PLANT   that produce brightly coloured flowers in a range of reds, yellows and oranges through the spring and summer months.  We use marigolds in our herb and vegie gardens to distract insects and flies from our crops, plus they look great over the summer months, with our edible crops.

Marigolds can grow up to 30+cms tall by 30cms wide, in full sun to part shade ( do NOT plant in heavy shade or full shade) in moist but free draining soils.

Marigolds are ideal for pots and containers, mass plantings to brighten up spaces, for that summery range of colour, mixed planters or plantings, cottage gardens and in some cultures, they are used for culinary purposes.

these marigold have 4 marigold in the 12cm pot.

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