Nandina Moon Bay 18cm


Nandina Moon Bay is an extremely hardy evergreen shrub with a compact growing habit.  Nandina Moon Bays foliage is finer leaved than its more common and popular relative domestics nana and has a multitude of changes of colour throughout the seasons, ranging from bright lime green, to  salmon pink, orange, apricot to striking red during the colder seasons.

Moon Bay can grow up to 1 metre tall by about 70cms wide, is frost hardy, in fact it loves the cold weather and only look even better when it arrives, prefers fertile, well drained soil in a full sun position. Keep the soil around it moist in the drier parts of summer.

All of this makes Moon Bay the ideal accent plant for borders, small hedges, mass plantings, rockeries and pots / containers where colour contrast is required. moon bay also makes excellant foliage for flower arrangements.

as i say a lot, prune after flowering, to maintain compact fresh bushy new growth and fertilise  once per year

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