Nemesia Foetens Alba 12cm… SOLD OUT UNTIL SPRING 2021


Nemesia Foetens, or White Perennial Nemesia is a fast growing, long flowering shrub with a compact mounding habit, that has a prolific display of lightly scented snowy white flowers from the Autumn months through to Spring and spot flowering throughout the year.

White Nemesia grows 45cms tall by 60cms wide and will grow in most soil types that are well draining. White Nemesia tolerates frost and dry conditions, but it is best that you mulch well around it to help retain moisture during the drier periods of the year. Regular pruning by half after main flowering and a feed of slow release fertiliser will encourage new growth and further flowering

Nemesia White is ideal for cottage gardens, garden edges/borders, as a ground cover, in hanging baskets or pots/containers and grows well in small or narrow spaces.

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White Perennial Nemesia

current size as of 8th september 2020… but will grow, bush up and flower very quickly



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