Osteospermum Ecklonis African Daisy Purple 12cm

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Osteospermum Ecklonis Purple trailing daisy , is one of the toughest, fastest growing ground covers we have on our property. It provides year round coverage of what was a problem embankment here at Paddys Plants and from spring until mid summer is covered in vibrant purple flowers, with little to no maintainence. We have times throughout the year where it just flowers and flowers.

Purple trailing Daisy is fast growing, loves full sun to part shade, in most soils, is frost tolerant, can handle cold conditions, but doesnt like it overly wet and thrives in hot conditions, but  doesnt like gardens that get bone dry, so give it a light  drink during the hotter parts of the year, until it is well established and then you dont need to worry about it.
Purple trailing daisy can be used on embankments, retaining walls, looks great on mass, especially when in flower,  handles coastal conditions, can be used as a spreading border, hanging basket or in pots and containers.


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