Plant Food… Paddys Fertiliser 200gram bag


Paddys Plant Food is a Controlled Slow Release Fertiliser that feeds your plants over 360 days, so you only need to apply it once per year, and let it do its thing !!… Happy Days !!

the break down or N.P.K for those science buffs out there  is Nitrogen 18.7%, Phosphorus 2.7%, Potassium 6.3% & trace elements… im not going in to those, i finished chemistry in year 10…. and not very well, so i will just trust the brainiacs who mad the product. because they are the best at what they do.

I use this product on everything we grow here at Paddys plants and have done for almost a decade or more, with great results. i usually use a level tablespoon of fertiliser per pot ranging from a 120mm pot  up to 200mm pot, then 2 tablespoons for anything over 250mm pot size

‘the Wee One”, is our 200 gram bag, which equates to 10 tablespoons worth of fertiliser…..  perfect for just little top ups.

.I find Paddys Food, suitable for all plants in pots & the garden including Australian native plants. Try some on your pot plants and garden plants today.

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