Pansy Assorted 10cm available from March to September…STARTING TO FLOWER AGAIN


Pansy…. come in a massive range of colours these days,  there are literally so many to choose from of different sizes and colours, I could go on forever with how many you can choose, but what we supply is based on what has been our best sellers over the past 26 years.

Pansy are an ANNUAL POTTED COLOUR PLANT , and just a larger flowering form of Viola, and like Viola Sorbet but we have found that they continue to survive in our garden for up to 3 years after initial planting, if they are cared for correctly. Pansy prefer a well lit to partial shaded area in moist free draining soils and respond well to regular liquid feeds with a seaweed solution, as well as a cut back every few month.
Pansies are  long flowering, they will flower from about March until the heat of Summer, which here in the Dandenong Ranges, is generally start of January  and will grow 15cms tall by up to 25cms wide and like there smaller flowering relatives, Violas, Pansies can also have a dramatic, vibrant effect on your garden during the Winter Months.

I also find that Pansies, like Violas,  are prolific flowering and just look amazing on mass, whether it is in your garden beds, or as a border, mass planted, or even in containers, urns, old wheel barrows, old boots, pots and hanging baskets, I have even seen old wrecks of cars with their boots or bonnets planted out with them, Pansies are sure to give you plenty of joy and colour up the dull Winter months, while still going strong and complimenting other Spring flowers all the way to Christmas, we have loads available, unless sold out and waiting for our next batch to grow.
Pansies are $2.39 each, so much cheaper and more rewarding than a bunch of flowers, we also have them available in gift pots and hanging baskets, come check out our range today.

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