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Peperomia caperata or Lillian is a mounded shrub, best suited to indoors or covered areas here in Victoria growing up to 25cms tall by 25cms wide, in a partial sun or filtered light position around the home, if you live in warmer more humid areas, you may get away with having them planted outside, but here in the Dandenong Ranges of Victoria, we just use and promote them as a great indoor plant.

Peperomia Lillian is an easy to grow compact variety with short stems, covered by heart – shaped, deeply ridged leaves, that develop  pretty creamy white flowers, that  stand tall above the foliage.

Like all indoor plants, never over water your Peperomias, dip your little finger into the soil, down to your knuckle and if the soil is dry, then wait a day and give it a drink, if it is still moist or cool to touch, it will be ok for a few days. A lot of factors can vary when to water indoor plants… heating, cooling, moisture levels in the home etc, water your Indoor plants when they need a drink, not when you feel like giving them one and an occasional misting with a spray bottle is always handy as well, just to give the foliage a little  moisture. Sometimes i only water my indoor plants weekly, sometimes once per fortnight, depending on the heat in my home, they may need a drink 2 – 3 times a week, as mentioned, many factors vary the dryness in our homes, so dip your fingers and check !!.

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