Petunia Starlet White is a perennial form of  Petunia with a mounded trailing habit that produces vivid white blooms continuously from Spring through to late Autumn.

Petunia Starlet White will grow up to 30cms tall by 50cms wide in full sun, but can handle a little ( very little) shade.

Now a couple of  commonly asked questions that we receive ……  why are certain Petunias more expensive than others?  and what is the difference between perennial petunias and the cheaper annual forms ?

Perennial Petunias will last longer in the garden that the seasonal annual forms.  Annual forms are short lived seed grown varieties that will last from early Spring until Autumn and then once the cold weather gets to them,…..  they will cark it and  they are gone for good !!.   The Perennial Petunias are also grown from seed, but can also be struck from cutting and can last a few years in the garden in the right conditions and climate. Perennial Petunias have a stronger tolerance to cold weather, have a better disease resistance, and are known for being tougher and having more weather resistant blooms and growth. Regions of severe cold and frost, are the exception to the rule… all petunias will snuff it when the cold arrives… but here in the Dandenong Ranges of Victoria, once the cold arrives, your annual petunias will cark it, but your perennial petunias shouldn’t be as sensitive or sooky, they may get a little winter damage, but will repair and reshoot once some warmer weather arrives, just keep them protected from severe cold or weather.

Regular light pruning and liquid feeding of your Petunias will help to maintain a compact happy bushy habit and prolong and encourage more blooms.

At Paddys, all our Petunias are available during the Spring and early Summer months only…… our perennial Petunia range are in 12cm pots and  will cost you $5.69 each,

or you can shop elsewhere and pay over $11 each for them…  we always sell out fast, so get your order in while we have them in stock !!

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