Philodendron Cordatum Heart Leaf Philodendron 12cm..Priced to clear out all Indoor plants discontinued

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Philodendron Cordatum or more commonly known as the Heart Laef Philodendron due to its attractive glossy heart shaped leaves, is a climbing form of Philodendron from the humid  tropical regions, that will grow happily outside in partial shade or filtered light in the the warmer more tropical areas, but, sadly,  here in Victoria, we can only use it as an indoor decorative plant for inside the home, office or on covered / sheltered deck and patios, or outdoor rooms.

Heart Leaf Philodendron prefers a warm position inside with plenty of indirect natural light, but absolutely no direct sunlight, or it will fade and burn. Liquid feed the Philodendron monthly from the Spring months and through the Summer months, when it is more likely to be actively growing and only water the soil when it is dry to touch, keep the soil slightly moist,  to avoid over watering and causing root rot. Water more frequently during warmer periods and less frequently during the cooler seasons.

Heart Leaf Philodendron is ideal for hanging baskets or for training up totem poles in pots and containers, it could even be used on a trellis in a large pot for interior partitions for homes, offices and classrooms. It needs support as it is a climbing variety.

Indoor plants are great for removing toxins and providing clean healthy air inside buildings and homes, but try to resist the temptation  of eating them, i know they look lush and delicious, but it is not advisable to consume them ( you would need to eat a lot to get sick in the first place), or you may end up spending more time on the toilet than you would like.

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