Philodendron Green Princess 10cm

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Philodendron Green Princess is an  bright green evergreen shrub, that has smaller leaves than other forms of philodendron, but also has a lot more leaves than other Philodendrons, giving it a bushier more compact feel, making Green Princess ideal as a houseplant for those looking for small to medium sized plants.

Philodendrons are a tropical plant and thrive outdoors in warmer more humid locations, in semi light, but do not like direct sunlight…… but…. here in Victoria, it is too cold for their liking, so we opt to use them as  an indoor house plant, or you can use them as a patio plant and have them outside during the warmer months, then bring them inside when the weather starts to cool.

Philodendron Green Princess will grow to about 50cms tall, by 25cms wide, it a compact neat tidy habit with lots of leaves, as opposed to other forms of philodendrons, that get large, or spread.

Philodendron prefer a bright location, but not direct sunlight, and doesn’t require much watering, allow the soil to dry out before watering. i like to mist all of my indoor plants regularly, to keep them healthy, dust free, vibrant and fresh,  during the Warmer months, i do it daily and during the Cooler months, i mist them every few days or so.

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