Pigface White tube stock 75mm discontinued line.. price to clear out

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Mesembryanthemum, or commonly known as Pig face is an easy to grow trailing ground cover with succulent like leaves, that during the spring & summer months are completely smothered with masses of brilliant daisy like flowers.

Pig Face will grow between 5cm and  15cm tall and can get up to 60cms wide.

Pig Face prefer an open sunny location in well drained soil and is tolerant of heat, drought and extreme weathers, but needs some protection from frosts.

Pig Face are ideal on dry sunny banks, rockeries and look fantastic in containers, pots and mixed planters.

Planted on mass, Pig Face are a real standout from Spring through the summer months and will really liven up any dry sunny areas of your garden, you will just love them and look forward to them flowering every year. They are one of the easiest plants to grow and look after in your garden and require little to no maintenance.

At Paddys plants, we only have Pig Face available for purchase,  from the Spring months until January every year… unless sold out prior.

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