Pilea Silver Sprinkles 13cm…small but good to go


Pilea Silver Sprinkles is an attractive small silvery green leaved creeper with neat growth habits.

Ideally used as an Indoor plant here in Victoria, especially in the cold Dandenong Ranges, Pilea looks great as a hanging basket or in a decorative pot / container for decks, verandas, patios or indoors and is also perfect for larger terrariums. If you live in a warmer climate, Pilea make a great ground cover.

Pilea prefer bright, indirect light, they do not like full sun and are not as colourful or happy in shade, so indirect light is perfect and well drained soil, they do not like to be wet.

Water Pilea when the soil feels dry or the plant starts to droop. Keep the soil moist, but not wet, watering a little more often in the warmer months and less often in the cooler months. Liquid feed during the warmer months for best growth results.

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