Plant Food Seasol 1 litre bottle liquid nutrition


Seasol is a natural seaweed extract used as an all year round plant health liquid feed.

Seasol is safe to use on all plants, including Australian Natives, flowering, fruiting, indoor plants and seedlings.

Seasol will provide your whole garden with a dynamic health treatment and for best results, use regularly… i use it on the nursery once per month. Seasol would like you to use it weekly ( more sales), but i think once per month is suffice.

Seasol is a fast acting liquid which goes to work immediately and is effective whether applied directly to the soil or to the foliage.

We love to use and stock Seasol in our nursery…. but sadly do not have the buying power of the bigger stores. Our price may seem more expensive than them, but please consider that we are making less profit than they do on their cheaper priced product, as they get a 20% discount for bulk purchases, whereas smaller shops / suppliers are made to pay more…. we simply cannot buy and stock the volume that they do and cannot compete. So before you complain about the price, remember that we offer these products as a convenience only, we also offer more advice & service on the products, than you will get at those larger stores.

Support us smaller businesses by paying the extra couple of dollars for your product, otherwise we wont be able to stock them in the future and when the big stores have no competition left, they will jack up their prices and you will be paying extra for less service anyway….  the difference is not even half a cup of coffee, for a quality product, from a nursery that endorses and actually uses the product.


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