Plectranthus Nico 12cm


Plectranthus Nico is a fast growing creeping or trailing plant with indented dark green foliage and purple underneath the leaves, making it an attractive foliage plant, just on its own, but wait until it flowers with its spikes of vivid white flowers that cover the whole bush, taking it to a whole other level, making plectranthus ideal for brightening up dull areas of the garden, or in hanging baskets and containers.

Plectranthus is excellent as a ground cover for dry and shady positions in the garden, it prefers part shade, but can handle more shade again… but for best results, part shade is ideal, you will get more flowers that way, plectranthus also like to be in frost free areas, if the y do get a little or light frost, they will come back, but heavy frosts will kill them.

prune regularly to maintain shape and fresh new growth.

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