Poinsettia Red 14cm NOW… SOLD OUT UNTIL NOVEMEBR 2021


Poinsettia, is a vibrant tropical plant with green foliage and bright red bracts at Christmas time.

we have Poinsettias available for purchase from 25th November until 23rd December every year…. unless SOLD out prior

Poinsettias originate from Mexico and prefer the warmer climates as an outdoor tropical plant, in their natural habitat they will colour up and flower from late august right through to the springs months. But they are grown and used the world over at Christmas time, due to their vibrant, beautiful bright red bracts.  Our Poinsettias are specially grown in climate controlled frames to induce their natural habitat, so that in Australia, you can still have them looking perfect for our Christmas Months.

A little known fact about Poinsettias, is that they actually do flower. At the centre of the red bracts, buds & tiny red stamens appear, showing unusual yellow flowers.

Poinsettias look great in pots and containers and are ideal for festive decorations or on your Christmas Table.

in the cooler climates, Poinsettias are best grown in a well lit area of your home or covered patio, away from draughts.

If you are in a more tropical location, Poinsettias can be grown in a warm sheltered position in moist to well drained soils, that is frost free.

Poinsettias are more important to us than even the Christmas tree…. some of you will be thinking im nuts, but, thats how it is in our family… My Mum Dianne and my Wife Tracey are pretty bloody good at decorating Christmas trees and put a lot of time and effort in to them, that would make Myer look second rate, but every Christmas for the last 40 years of my 44 years have revolved around  Dads Christmas Poinsettia crops. My Mum & Dad are  well known Victoria wide for their Poinsettia Quality & knowledge.

Poinsettias are our family heritage and one that will continue for many more decades to come.

We hope you get plenty of joy out of their vibrant red beauty this Christmas Season.

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