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Portulaca Happy Hour are a showy mixture of vibrant double flowers in shades of pink, fuchsia, scarlet, orange, yellow and white that cover the succulent like foliage from late spring through the summer months.

Portulaca  will grow between 5cm and  15cm tall and can get up to 40cms wide.

Portulaca prefer an open sunny location in well drained soil and is tolerant of heat, but does not like frosty conditions.

Portulacas are ideal  for borders, edging, rockeries, cascading over walls and look fantastic in containers, hanging baskets, pots and mixed planters.

Planted on mass, Portulacas  are a real standout from Spring through the summer months and will really liven up any dry sunny areas of your garden, you will just love them and look forward to them flowering every year. They are one of the easiest plants to grow and look after in your garden and require little to no maintenance.

At Paddys plants, we only have Portulacas  available for purchase,  from the late Spring months until January every year… unless sold out prior.

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