Plastic Pots Black Pot Euro 250mm


250 Black Plastic Euro Pot… woo hoo…. exciting, well not really,…..  how the hell do you make black plastic pots sound  exciting ??????….  use them for whatever you want…. if you are already looking, you already have your own plans for using them, so you dont need me to inspire you !!!… one bonus is, that our supplier of Black Plastic Pots have been  making them from recycled products… mostly old shampoo bottles …. for a lot longer,  before it became modern and trendy to condemn everybody and be all things Greta and earthy…. so sorry millennials, no soap box action here, we may need it to make more black plastic pots…… “note”, dont buy coloured plastic pots, as they are virgin ( new) plastic material.

250mm black plastic pots are 23.5cms high by 26.5cms wide

In stock


400mm pot on back left, 500mm pot back right, 300mm pot front left & 250mm pot front right


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