Potting Mix Daltons Orchiata Orchid mix 35 litre bag


Daltons  Orchiata is an orchid growing mix that can be used directly from the bag.  Orchiata is long lasting and allows plants the ability to grow for much longer, and at a much better quality rate than others substrates,   meaning the growing cycle is not broken or disturbed by constant re-potting, also  reducing the cost of growing and making  the plants  less prone to disease.

Orchiata is produced using 100% pure New Zealand Pinus Radiata bark, which is a unique, is stable and pH  neuatral – medium substrate for potting and re-potting orchids, ensuring better quality of plants.

Orchiata will not break down over time, like other substrates or become acidic, does not accumulate unwanted salts,  has beneficial micro organisms that act as a defence against pathogens ( bacterias & viruses that cause disease), your plants will grow strong resilient root systems that will handle natural stresses better like frosts and drought.

Orchiata will also save you time and money, as mentioned above, through not having to pot as frequently, less expenditure on root fungicides and bactericides, reduced labour for production nurseries and no need to rinse or sterilise. Orchiata is the best value for quality product you can get for your orchids… try some today.


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