Primula Acaulis mixture 10cm SOLD OUT UNTIL LATE AUTUMN 2021


last batch  UNTIL MID WINTER 2021

Primula Acaulis are a small growing ANNUAL POTTED COLOUR PLANT  that flower from early July right up to November, giving you vibrant dwarf primrose like blooms in striking colours ranging from white, red, pink, purple, mauve, blue, yellow and orange.

Also commonly referred to as Polyanthus, they grow great in pots, bowls, baskets, borders or just as a mass planting of winter colour in a garden bed.

Primula Acaulis grow 12cm tall by 12 cm wide and prefer humus, moist, well drained soil in a part shade position.

As a flower finishes, just snip it off to open up space for the buds underneath to come through and flower. Regular liquid feeding with a seaweed solution will help to keep these beauties flowering for long periods throughout the winter months

At Paddys Plants we have Primulas available from late May until August….. unless sold out !!  Currently we buy them as mixed seed, so we never know what colours we might get, so  if you would like specific colours, you will have to come into nursery…. in years to come we will advertise straight colours.

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Polyanthus…. Primula acaulis, Dwarf Primrose






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