Salvia Black & Blue 12cm SOLD OUT UNTIL 2021


Salvia Guaranitica  Black & Blue is a perennial plant with upright stems, that have lush dark green foliage. Black & Blue  produces vivid dark blue flowers from mid  Spring right through Summer to the end of Autumn.

Black & Blue thrives in a sunny to partly shaded position in moist to well drained soils and will tolerate light frosts.

Black & Blue will grow up to 90cms tall by up to 90cms wide and with its stunning display of vivid blue with black flower stems, is ideal for perennial borders, informal borders,  cottage gardens and rockeries. Salvias look great in pots, mixed planters  and containers, but will really thrive when planted out in the garden.

Cut back after flowering to encourage strong new fresh growth and re flowering.

I find that my Salvias in my garden, respond well to a regular liquid feed, once per month will be suffice and an annual feed of a good quality fertiliser, like yates agriboost, in the Spring months,  will help to keep them well nourished and performing throughout all seasons


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