Salvia Joan 12cm


Salvia Involucrata Joan is a fast growing perennial shrub with large heart shaped leaves and large pink flowers during the late Summer and Autumn months.

Joan grows up to 1.5 metre tall by 1.5 metres wide in full sun, but can tolerate a very very lightly shaded position, in moist to well drained soil types. Joan will tolerate frost and dry spells once established, prune after flowering to maintain compact growth.

At Paddys Plants, we do our best to give you the right information, that we have received,  in regards to our Salvia range, there are hundreds of species very similar in colour, style and growth habit and we sadly,  have been  the scorn of some Salvia experts,  I would like  to quote a grower, that  I admire and respect and often turn to for further knowledge and advice myself,  in my mind  her knowledge on salvias and perennials, is the best and most thourough,  in  Sue Templeton ” The average gardener doesn’t care about the exactness but just wants to know what sort of plant it is”.  I find, Sue Templetons page, is the best page I have   read for information on Salvias and other perennials here in Australia.


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