Salvia Mystic Spires 12cm SOLD OUT until early 2021


Salvia Mystic Spires is a perennial shrub with green foliage that bears masses of deep blue flower spikes throughout the year.

Mystic Spires will grow up to 60cms tall by 50cms wide in full sun in well drained soils.

Mystic spires respond well to regular pruning to encourage a compact habit and bushy soft new growth.

Mystic Spires is ideal for cottage gardens, perennial borders, mixed planters, pots and containers and will bloom all season of the year.

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first 2 pictures are the Current Size of our Mystic Spires as of 20th October 2020, they are small but developing quickly…. growth of plants is not keeping up with current demand and request and we will probably sell out before they even reach our normal saleable size… which is the last picture shown


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