Scaevola Aemula 12cm


Scaevola Aemula or blue fan flower, is a spreading perennial Australian Native, ground cover, with lush bright green foliage that is covered for most of the year in a mass of purple,   blue or mauve fan shaped flowers.

Scaevola grows well in full sun to partial shade….. in… you guessed it.. moist to well drained soils……  Whilst setting up my online shop, I must of typed that description 300 times now, on 300 different varieties… lets just assume that the highest proportion of plants on planet Earth,   require full sun to partial shade in moist to well drained soils ( that would now be 301 times)   … now back to Scaevola…

Scaevola can grow up to 50cm tall and spread up to 1 metre in happy cases…… if they only get 50cms wide, they might need some food and encouragement, or they are a smaller growing form !!… mine grow wide, but i talk to them, so basically they are well fed, because Mrs B, says im full of S–t, so that must be what she means  then !!

protect scaevola from frosty conditions and dont allow to dry out during the warmer months…. that would go for a lot of plants on the planet and in your garden,  as well !!

Scaevola are a reliable ground cover, as they are ideal for cascading over walls, containers, baskets, and used in rockeries and as a low spreading borders.

We try to have stock of Scaevola year round…. but in 2020  ?????…. strange times, so grab them while you can.

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