Scaevola Fairy Pink 12cm

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Scaevola Aemula Fairy Pink  is an elegant showy low spreading ground cover plant that has pale Pink flowers cover the dark green succulent like foliage throughout the warmer months of the year.

Fairy Pink, like most scaevolas has a mounding habit, that stays compact, making Scaevola ideal for rockeries, mixed planters / containers,, pots, hanging baskets, as a border or edging or just as a mass planting in your garden.

Fairy Pink  will grow up to 30cms tall by 30cms wide in full sun and must be in well drained soils…. it is not a lotus, if you put it in wet soils, it will die,  although Scaevola have excellent heat and drought tolerance, they do require a drink every so often.

At Paddys Plants, we try to offer Scaevola  from the late Spring Months until Late May, unless sold out prior, so get your orders in quick as we always sell out fast.

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