Schefflera Dwarf Umbrella tree 12cm OVER HALF PRICE SPECIAL 50% OFF


Schefflera Arbicola Dwarf Umbrella Tree is an evergreen shrub with glossy umbrella like foliage and a compact habit.

Schefflera are great for pots and containers and will grow up to 1.5metres tall over time. They are best used as an indoor plant here in Victoria, as they will not tolerate the colder months of the year outside. You could have them grow happily in pots on a sheltered deck, patio or veranda, but once the colder weather comes in June, July & August, move them inside for protection.

Schefflera is an ideal indoor plant in Victoria, especially in low light areas of the home, patio or office and prefers a warm sheltered position with filtered light…. does not like direct sunlight, keep moist, but do not over water. Liquid feed Schefflera once per month during the warmer month for best health, growth and results.


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