Silver Birch Betula Pendula 20cm


Betula Pendula … or commonly known as Silver Birch are a highly ornamental fast growing, deciduous, slender white  trunked tree with attractive bark and foliage with autumn colours…. wow what a mouthful, but thats how good they are !!!… they have so many different, attractive features throughout the year, that it is no wonder, they are one of the most used ornamental trees in gardens all around the world.

Silver Birch will grow generally tall, narrow or column like up to 15metres tall or more by up to 10 metres wide in full sun to partial shaded areas and having an amazing display or autumn colours of yellows and oranges before they go dormant for the winter months.

Silver Birch will grow in most conditions and climates, that have freely draining soil types and can tolerate more dryness than other trees once established. For best results use a thick organic mulch before the Summer months and water well until established.

Silver Birch has year round interest, is an excellent feature tree, planted on mass or in groups or in rows or avenues.

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the crisp white trunk of a silver birch


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