Spanish Shawl… Trailing Lasiandra 12cm SOLD OUT until spring 2021


Heterocentron elegans,  Spanish Shawl or Trailing Lasiandra as it used to be known, is a Mexican native, mat forming evergreen ground cover with dense small green foliage and produces masses of bright cerise – purple flowers that cover the bush during the warmer months.

Trailing Lasiandra is a prostrate ground cover, so it wont grow higher than 2 cms tall, but can spread to up to 1 metre wide in full sun to partial shade, in well drained soils. Avoid heavy frost areas with this one, once established it can handle light frosts, we have been growing Lasiandra for decades now, here in Monbulk and if it grows well here, it will grow just about anywhere.

Trailing Lasiandra flowers best in full sun, but we find it performs well in filtered light or very partial shade. Feed annually with a complete fertiliser and use premium potting mix if growing in pots and containers.

Trailing lasiandra is ideal for borders, rockeries, mixed planters, embankments, ground covers, pots, containers and hanging baskets.

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