Spinach Perpetual punnet 6 cell


For most of us on the planet, we know that

Perpetual Spinach is an easy to grow leafy vegetable high i vitamins and minerals and super healthy for you.

For all of us born before the year 2000…. Spinach is what Popeye used to eat to give him strength, it is a great substitute for lettuce and super versatile in a whole range of culinary dishes.

Pick the leaves as required and add to salads and sandwiches, stir fries, soups and stews, or steamed/ blanched and served as a side dish.

Spinach grows best in full sun, in moist but well drained soils. pick regularly to keep it healthy and re producing leaves……..

Now for the second part of the post..

For my Millennial brothers and sisters out their, or those born after the year 2000

Spinach is a “Superfood”, ” ” Organically Produced”, “Sustainably raised”  and will go perfect with your tofu and quinoa salad……… bargain !!! 

Happy Gardening

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