Stephanotis Floribunda Madagascar Jasmine 18cm… very limited numbers (2) left


Stephanotis Floribunda, or Madagascan Jasmine is an evergreen, twining climbing plant suited to trellises and garden structures. It can also be used  in a hanging basket, trailing down.

Stephanotis develops clusters of waxy, starry white blooms, that are highly fragrant  and are long flowering throughout the year.

Stephanotis  can grow up to 4+ metres long and grows best in morning sun, loves a rich, well drained soil and perform best in a warm position with plenty of humidity. Avoid frost or windy spots, So keep Stephanotis in a pot or container out of the weather, especially during the winter months. Covered Decks, Patios, greenhouses etc would be ideal for them to flourish and for you to enjoy the exquisite perfume.

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