Strobilanthes Persian Shield 12cm Sold out until October 2021


Strobilanthes Dyerianus Persian Shield is a spectacular, brightly coloured foliage plant with large toothed leaves that are iridescent reddish violet and green above and purple underneath.

Perfect for adding splash of colour to shady areas, Persian Shield will grow up to 80cms tall by 60cms wide in partial shade outdoors or in a filtered light position indoors.

If growing outdoors, plant Persian Shield in a warmer area, protected from winds and frost, in moist to well drained soils and it may produce pale blue flowers during the spring and summer months. Persian Shield can really struggle up here in the Dandenong Ranges out side from mid July until the beginning of September, due to the really cold nights, this is why we prefer it in sheltered areas of the garden, or in pots, so that we can protect it from cold air and frosts.

Indoors, Persian Shield is an ideal foliage plant, for livening up the home or patio with bright showy foliage colours, keep it in a warm, well lit area of the home protected from draughts and water it only when it dries a little…. moist, but not sopping wet and liquid fertilise regularly ( once per month), for best health, show and results.

I prefer Persian Shield in pots or containers, as during the warmer months, i have it outside the home in a semi shaded area and during the cooler months, it can come inside and continue to put on a show of colour….. the best of both worlds.

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