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Syngonium Podophyllum Golden illusion is an attractive foliage plant that thrives in warmer more humid – tropical weather and produces luminous golden coloured arrowhead shaped foliage.

Here in Victoria, we use Syngonium as an ideal indoor plants for adding vibrant colour to our homes, pots, containers and patio areas.

Syngonium Golden Illusion will grow up to 30cms tall by 20cms wide…. in its natural habit it can be in filtered light outside, i disagree with some of the printed labels that they like full sun, here in Victoria, they are better used as a pot/container house plant, they will not survive out cooler seasons outside.

Plant  indoors in a well lit position, where it can receive plenty of natural, indirect light…. too much direct light will fade and burn the foliage, in well drained soils. Water moderately only when the soil starts to dry out, don’t over water, or it will rot. I spray the foliage once per day with a fine mist of water, time permitting, just to keep them vibrant and healthy and replicate the humid, tropical air they prefer…. if you have a humidifier in the house, then you are already an avid indoor plant collector and know what im talking about !!!. Liquid feed once per month during the Spring and Summer months for best health, growth and results and don’t water as often during the cooler months.

During the warmer months of the year in Victoria, it can be outside in a sheltered area on a patios or decking that is protected from hot winds and hot direct light.


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