Tomato Golden Sunrise 75mm tube stock labelled as Heirloom… limited numbers left for 2020

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Tomato Golden Sunrise is similar to Grosse Lisse and  is a mid to late season fruiting variety producing medium to large fruit.

Golden Sunrise  is excellant for salads and sandwiches, hot dishes, roasted, on the barbie, soups, preserving and sauces.

Tomatoes grow well in Full Sun, in moist, well drained soils with plenty of air flow around the base.

I always prepare the soil before planting with compost, agriboost, some seaweed solution and then some sugar cane mulch. The last thing i do is plant the tomatoes and then stake them. Once they have reached a certain height, i will give them a feed with some potash to encourage lots of flowers ( which become fruit), but I DON’T regularly feed them throughout their growth, as you will just encourage too much foliage growth, there should have been enough nutrient in the soil when you prepared it to get them going and the potash just finishes them.  The only exception is, if we have some bizarre weather, or you didn’t put enough nutrient in to begin with and the tomato foliage goes a little yellow, then they are hungry and need a feed with some seaweed solution.

Plant your tomatoes a little deeper than their current height after purchase, then once they grow up to about 40cms, prune away any of the bottom 10cms of foliage to allow air flow around the base and a good spot for companion planting basil, marigolds, nasturtiums and other pest  insect repellants.

Stake your tomatoes with a simple teepee of 3 good sized hardwood stakes pushed into ground on an angle around the tomato and then tie the 3 tops together to form a teepee and as the tomato grows up, attach it to the teepee for support.


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Tomato golden sunrise, labelled as Heirloom mix, due to no labels available


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