Zucchini 60mm tube stock… SOLD OUT UNTIL SPRING 2021

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Sorry, but after just typing the Lebanese Cucumber description… Zucchinis wont be as entertaining to read..

We love summertime and Zucchini season. Zucchini is so versatile as a vegetable, shaved thinly and put into salads and best of all as either Zucchini bread or Zucchini slice.   The Flowers can also be used for stuffing and cooking as well, some nationalities go crazy for the flowers…. me, not so much, but whatever floats your boat !!

One very simple salad i like each summer  is shaved Zucchini ( use a vegie peeler), with ripped up Vietnamese mint, toasted pine nuts and a Vietnamese dressing or Vinaigrette…. my son and i like this with either  tofu ( if we dont feel like meat), or with chicken or rare thin sliced beef… yummo… cant wait for sunny days….  b.b.q, beer, wine and salad season.

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